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A more fitting description of these items might be "poison." By definition, a poison is: Any agent which, introduced into the organism may chemically produce an injurious or deadly effect. That which taints or destroys purity, to exert a baneful influence, to corrupt." If that doesn't fill the bill here, we don't know what does!
If you are a meat eater, you don't have to adopt a vegetarian diet to more toward better health, though it would probably be a wise step to take. But anyone can begin by eliminating the following from their diet:

The "Deadly Whites"

Other "Foods" to Avoid

Chemical Additives

White Sugar
Processed foods

White Flour Artificial sweeteners

White Salt Artificial colorings

White Bread Artificial flavorings

White Rice Caffein
Cornstarch Beer
Baking Powder Alcohol
Baking Soda Soda Pop
Animal Fat Genetically engineered foods
White Meat All dairy products

The "Other" White Meat (pork) Soy Products (except ferminted soy, e.g., miso)
White oil (processed-filtered-bleached) Pasteurized Dairy

Miscellaneous "Avoids"
Lard Microwave Ovens

White Distilled Vinegar Heated fats (cooking oils) - Very Dangerous!
What's Wrong with Meat?

In addition to the fact that most red meat and chicken on the market today is full of antiobiotics and hormones which adversely affect the body of any human who consumes them, all flesh food that has not been freshly killed just prior to consumption has the built-in problem of putrification.

Almost all meats found in the supermarket fit into this category.

These foods provide toxic chemical breakdown products that adversely affect the mind and irritate the nervous system. In addition, they accelerate premature aging and chronic degenerative disease. That would be enough reason right there to avoid them, but there is more...much, much more.

When people start moving toward a healthier diet, they usually start favoring chicken over red meat. The problem is, chicken isn't much better. If you haven't completely made the transition yet, at least look for range-fed chickens ("organic" chickens), which won't be quite as harmful.We don't believe in scare tactics, but sometimes the truth IS scary. Consider, for example, this fact: According to Dr. Rous, Nobel Prize winner and long-time researcher at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research,

95% of the chickens for sale in the U.S. are cancerous!
While we are on the subject of meat consumption, here is a provocative thought: Not only is the killing of animals for food inhumane, but if you eat them, their death will hasten your death. While people can sometimes get around the laws of the land, they cannot get around the laws of nature.

God, Who is the designer of the human body and Who therefore knows how it runs best, originally gave man "every herb bearing seed" for food. It was not until after the flood in Genesis 9:4 that God put the dread of man in the animals and gave them to him to eat, but with one restriction, "But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat," which is repeated in the New Testament (Acts 15:20). What is interesting about this is that it is a command that is impossible to obey unless one is a vegetarian.

I can't help but think that there is a direct relationship. The interesting thing about this is right after this concession was made to man, his lifespan immediately decreased significantly, from around 900 years (the longest lifespan was that of Methuselah, at 969 years) down to around 300 years and then it dropped off again to around 70 years. This would be the physiological modern-day fulfillment of "your blood of your lives will I require."

While it is best to move toward an 80% raw food diet, most people are used to cooking everything and it would be difficult (and not recommended) to make the change all at once. But in the process of making changes, a few food preparation items that would also best be avoided include Microwave ovens, aluminum cookware, cookware with Teflon coatings and plastics.

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