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Animal source proteins are considered superior by
the medical establishment because they are:

(A). High in protein content. (Actually they have too much protein, which is then stored in the body as a toxin.)

(B). Complete Proteins: (Although this is true, this is not necessarily advantageous, since animal source proteins have the following disadvantages:)

1. They are difficult to digest; More energy is required to digest meat than can be obtained from the meat. This wears out the protein digestive organs, and leads to stressful indigestion.

2. The body's attempt to rid itself of the excess protein congests the liver and overworks the kidneys which have to expel the excess nitrogen through urine. People with kidney disease are urged to eat low protein diets. Perhaps eating a low protein diet to begin with would PREVENT kidney disease. Excessive protein consumption is also linked to Urinary disease, Renal cancer and Lymphosarcoma.

3. Animal source proteins are not a real food - they are missing some of the ingredients of real food.

4. Animal proteins contain inorganic acids which are TOXIC to humans. Only modest amounts of animal protein have been found to result in cancerous tumors in animal studies. Moreover, human studies also support this carcinogenic effect of animal protein, even at usual levels of consumption. In my view, no chemical carcinogen is nearly so important in causing human cancer as animal protein. (Dr. T Colin Campbell M.S., Ph.D. Nutrition Advocate Vol. 1 No.6 December 1995.)

5. Meat is high in fat. Dr. Benjamin Spock M.D. Says that a high fat diet, which means eating relatively large amounts of meat, dairy products, and fried foods, is the main cause of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke, certain forms of cancer, and obesity. (not good).

6. The artificial hormones, steroids, and other chemicals injected or fed to the animal to make them grow faster/bigger/healthier (healthier?) don't do us humans any good at all; they are toxic.

7. The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), Enteric Diseases Branch, has concluded that subtherapeutic amounts of antibiotics added to animal stock feed have subsequently caused animals to develop highly resistant strains of bacteria (mutant forms of E. coli and others) which are then passed on for human consumption in all meat products. In fact it's estimated that 20-25 percent of all bacterial illnesses (and perhaps 50% of all food poisoning) in the U.S. stem directly from antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria and the consumption of meats. (New England Journal of Medicine Vol 243, p.617-621, 1984)

The response of the European Economic Community to the routine feeding of antibiotics to U.S. livestock (55% of all antibiotics used in the US) was to BAN the importation of U.S. meat. So the answer to the question: "What's for Dinner?" is: Antibiotics, Steroids, Pesticides, DDT, Dieldrin, bacteria and Cholesterol. . . . . . . . . Yum!

Take a piece of steak. Cut it open and the juice runs out right? and it's nice and juicey and tender looking? We know that the red fluid is BLOOD, right? and you dunk your bread in it. There is a clear fluid there some of it is fat, and water, but one of the main components of that clear fluid is uric acid...(cow pee). And you dunk your bread in it....why do you do that?

By the way, the old advice that your hamburger is safe if it's brown in the middle is WRONG. Unless you want to feed your family raw E. coli bacteria, you should use a digital meat thermometer, and be certain the interior of the hamburger is 160 degrees F. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in January 99 that the DEATH TOLL from tainted meat {do click on this one} from just one plant has risen to 12 people. If you would like to see a list of some of the more recent meat recalls click here Also see where the FDA is now OK'ing diseased meat for sale in a supermarket near you.

OK, I'll just eat CHICKEN:
30 to 50% of supermarket chickens are contaminated with salmonella (which can survive microwave cooking). Almost 100% contain campylobacter pathogens; look that one up!

One day just PULL THE PLUG on your freezer, but don't open it for three to five days. When you open the door it will smell. The stink you smell is the smell of death. Your Freezer is sealed pretty well isn't it? Nothing can get in or out when the door is closed, but you will not be alone in the room. In your freezer will be maggots and worms. Where did they come from? The maggots and the worms were in the meat! and you EAT them....Why do you do that.?

Vegetable source proteins are good for us, easy to digest, and can supply all our nutritional needs.

BUT when you eat meat, the body regards most of it as a toxin, so it depletes the immune system to get the enzymes to try & handle the problem, steals calcium (osteoporososis) from the tissues and bones to neutralize the phosphoric acid, and speeds up the metabolism to rid itself of this junk...why do you do that?
Is it worth it? is TASTE your overriding concern?

Do you live to eat ?
do you eat to live?

Most Americans live to eat. They are controlled by a six inch long organ.
If you identify with that, (your tongue, silly!) you may want to re-think your priorities in life.

Pound for Pound, hamburgers cost more than new cars,
so give up hamburgers and get a new car instead!.

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